Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Christmas in Dec but posted in June

I know Christmas pictures in June.......well yes. This last christmas I load my family in my mini van with movie and all(dont you just love technology) up to the Hogal zoo for their Zoo Lights. They say there is over One millon lights. I can believe it. I was so glad we went.I was amazed at what they could do. My kids were good sports about it too. It was truely FREEZING. They sell you these glasses that made all the little lights look like snowmen. Note to parents buy just one pair and share them. I know you think you cant but 10 mins later I was carrying all 4 of them.

When we got to the dragon, its the part where the big cats are so we were thinking we might see the cats. Because they sleep all day they would be up now. Well everyone else had the same idea so it was a bit crowded and you still couldnt see any cat. Oh well next time. At this point I decided I wanted to have something warm to drink. Yummy HOT CHOCOLATE, and as I was standing in line day dreaming about that drink the woman in front of me ordered the same drink only to burn her mouth and spit it on the ground and yelling thats "hot". Really I have to wonder did she think it would be cold cause isnt that called chocolate milk. So now my turn and I turned to the guy and said "small Coke", I knew in my haste to get warm I too would be that stupid and burn my mouth. So I stuck with an oldie but goodie. HA HA

I loved this picture even though its not in focus but there is just something about it. Maybe next christmas you can come with us and Ill put the pictures in my blog 6 months later too.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tae kwon Do

This year I decided I was done with city leagues and ayso. So I put both boys in Takwondo. Its been almost a year and they are doing really well. I am so proud of them. The are currently in Blue belt and basiclly that means its the 5 belt. It also means its getting harder and more challenging. These pictures are from their first belt ceremony to the competion to this last belt ceremony

Birthdays and Halloween

As I sit here with Autumn, she announces "dude you need to change your blog its like from last year". Funny how my child who didnt know me as a teenager is now talking like me as a teenager. But she is correct I'm slacking so here goes.
1. Happy birthday Jordan your a pre-teen.
2.Happy Halloween
3. Happy Birthday Autumn.
For her birthday she got her first manicure. From Aimee my awesome nail lady.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What not to do when playing Football!

Well the day started out like any day, got up, ate breakfast, went back to bed, got yelled at that i was going to be late and left for school. I may or may not have brushed my hair it was undecided. My school day started out just like all the rest, read books look at teacher hide behind my book so I wont be called on to answer a question, you know normal stuff. But then the bell rang 1st recess yippee I ran out to meet some friends and play football, I haven't been playing long but I'm not doing so bad if I do say so my self. Then just before the bell it happened, I got elbowed in the lip and as I walked away sucking on my sore lip and looking down not paying attention a boy was walking backward and didn't see me he head butted me and I bit through my lip. OUCH! Blood was gushing from my lip. It was horrible. My teacher took me to the nurse and she called my mom. My mom rushed over and took me to her work where she took a picture of my tooth. I'm not sure why at the time she took a picture of my tooth. Um hello my lip is really big and still bleeding but she said she wanted to make sure everything was OK. Then the doctor came in and looked at my x-ray and my lip and told my mom to take me to another doctor. Mom called that doctor an oral surgeon. After waiting all day(or 2 hours) he took me back and got my lip numb. Um OUCH! then he came back and put in 4 stitches. Not so much fun for playing football. Now here's my advise never look down while sucking on your bottom lip you just might find out how I felt.
Hope you can see this the best most grosses pictures are on my moms phone and she hasnt moved them over yet.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Well as you can see I am a slacker. My computer crashed last month pretty bad and I haven't been able to find my pictures. I, like an idiot didn't back them up. But not to fear the computer guys says they are still there. All I need to do is bring the computer back to him to find them but since I don't have the money right now to have him look for them, I'm gonna hang low. Brendan and I have decided for our birthdays this year its time for a new system. So I will be taking a break from blogging and will be back on line soon. Wishing you all a great holiday season missing everyone too. Call me if you would like I'm still around. Hope to see some of you soon.

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